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Pre 1500

4000 BC - 1500 AD

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High Middle Ages - Late Modern

1501 - 1800

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Early 19th Century

1801 - 1830

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Mid 19th Century

1831 - 1860

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Late 19th Century

1861 - 1890

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End of the 19th Century – Early 20th Century

1891 - 1930

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Mid-Late 20th Century

1931 - 1999

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21st Century

2000 - 2018

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The Quintet, 1898-1911

The School for the Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool, Application Form, 1918

Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

Model of Bermuda Floating Dock, 1901

Turbinia, 1894

Tram 114, 1901

Painted Fabrics Butterfly Costume, c.1920-1930

'The Half-Timer' by Patti Mayor, 1906-8

Banner of Oldham Society of Women's Suffrage, c.1912

Cotton Queen Dress, 1930

Pilkington’s Lancastrian Tile and Pottery Company Vase by Jessie Jones, 1907

'The Song of the Shirt' by Albert Rutherston, 1902

'Portrait of Edward Carpenter' by Thomas Binney Gibbs, 1911

The FA Cup, 1896

North East Coast Exhibition Plate, 1929

Johnson's Motorcycle, 1901

Rugby Ball, 1897

Liverpool Overhead Railway Motor Coach No.3, 1892

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