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World War II Searchlight, 1940

'Portrait of Edward Carpenter' by Thomas Binney Gibbs, 1911

Price List for Work-Scissors Putting Together, 1817

Skelmanthorpe Flag, 1819

'The Half-Timer' by Patti Mayor, 1906-8

The School for the Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool, Application Form, 1918

Bed Spread, ‘All You Need is Love’, 1969

‘Peace’, Mounted crane and piece of rubble from Hiroshima, with a thousand origami Cranes, 2011

Painted Fabrics Butterfly Costume, c.1920-1930

'The Merz Barn Wall' by Kurt Schwitters 1947-48

Hyde Chartist Bell, 1848

Ballot Box, 1872

Banner of Oldham Society of Women's Suffrage, c.1912

'The Song of the Shirt' by Albert Rutherston, 1902

Siege Coin, 1648

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