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Beasley’s D2 type-specimen, c. 240,000,000 years old.

'The Merz Barn Wall' by Kurt Schwitters 1947-48

'Oldham Panorama' by Squire Knott, 1876

Peppered Moth c.1800s

'The Struggle With the Quarry' by John Hancock, 1851

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal, 1800-1803

'The Old Town Hall and St Hilda’s Church, Middlesbrough' by LS Lowry, 1959

Rhubarb Splitting Tool, 2009

‘Peace’, Mounted crane and piece of rubble from Hiroshima, with a thousand origami Cranes, 2011

'Nature Painting' by Keith Tyson, 2008

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

'Memorial to Men of Steel' by Aikaterini Gegisian, 2016

'Silver Moonlight' by Atkinson Grimshaw, 1880

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