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Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

'The Struggle With the Quarry' by John Hancock, 1851

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

‘Peace’, Mounted crane and piece of rubble from Hiroshima, with a thousand origami Cranes, 2011

Rhubarb Splitting Tool, 2009

Beasley’s D2 type-specimen, c. 240,000,000 years old.

'Memorial to Men of Steel' by Aikaterini Gegisian, 2016

'The Old Town Hall and St Hilda’s Church, Middlesbrough' by LS Lowry, 1959

'Silver Moonlight' by Atkinson Grimshaw, 1880

'Oldham Panorama' by Squire Knott, 1876

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal, 1800-1803

Peppered Moth c.1800s

'The Merz Barn Wall' by Kurt Schwitters 1947-48

'Nature Painting' by Keith Tyson, 2008

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