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John Walker’s Apothecary Scales c.early 19th century

Studio Glass by Keith Cummings, 2010

World War II Searchlight, 1940

Johnson's Motorcycle, 1901

Blackham’s Hill Hauler Engine, 1826

Model of Bermuda Floating Dock, 1901

'The Struggle With the Quarry' by John Hancock, 1851

Blackett Hutton Rotary Drilling Machine c.1885

Bessemer Covertor, 1934

Billy- Early Locomotive, 1816

Mine Cage from Hodbarrow Mines c. 19th century

Cloisonné Vase Lamp, 1880

'Invention of the lifeboat, Willie Wouldhave, South Shields, 1789' by Ralph Hedley, 1896

Liverpool Overhead Railway Motor Coach No.3, 1892

Joseph Swan Plaque, 1931

Bottle of Fluothane TM Anaesthetic, 1951

‘Peace’, Mounted crane and piece of rubble from Hiroshima, with a thousand origami Cranes, 2011

Salt's Pattern Book, 1853

Hexham Tans, c.early-mid 19th century

'Giants Refreshed – Pacifics in the Doncaster Locomotive Works' by Terence Cuneo, 1947

Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

Sans Pareil, 1829

Bar of Sunlight Soap, 1889

Tram 114, 1901

Roman Windowhead, 163AD

Liquorice Stamp, 1860-1890

Samuel Crompton's Spinning Mule c.1800

Hattersley Loom c.19th century

The Only Viking-age Sock in England c.10th century

Rhubarb Splitting Tool, 2009

Myford 3" Type Lathe, 1946

Starvationer, c.1880s

Crucible Furnace c.early 1800s

Lighthouse Tower, 1871

The Musical Stones of Skiddaw, 1840

Pair of Cotton Cops, 1735-1885

Turbinia, 1894

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

Architect’s Desk, Gillows of Lancaster, c.1795

'Opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway' by John Dobbin, 1871

Carlisle Spedding's Steel Mill, c.1800s

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