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Liquorice Stamp, 1860-1890

Beasley’s D2 type-specimen, c. 240,000,000 years old.

Calf Mould, c.8th century

Bar of Sunlight Soap, 1889

Siege Coin, 1648

Hexham Tans, c.early-mid 19th century

The Middleham Jewel c.15th century

'Jumping a Homemade Hurdle' by Jack Hulme, c.1945-55

Memorial Glass of the Hartley Pit Disaster c.1862

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

'Oldham Panorama' by Squire Knott, 1876

Coloured Window Glass, 675AD

The Only Viking-age Sock in England c.10th century

Peppered Moth c.1800s

John Walker’s Apothecary Scales c.early 19th century

Bottle of Fluothane TM Anaesthetic, 1951

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