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The Only Viking-age Sock in England c.10th century

The Middleham Jewel c.15th century

'Oldham Panorama' by Squire Knott, 1876

Liquorice Stamp, 1860-1890

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

Coloured Window Glass, 675AD

Peppered Moth c.1800s

Bar of Sunlight Soap, 1889

'Jumping a Homemade Hurdle' by Jack Hulme, c.1945-55

Siege Coin, 1648

John Walker’s Apothecary Scales c.early 19th century

Memorial Glass of the Hartley Pit Disaster c.1862

Bottle of Fluothane TM Anaesthetic, 1951

Calf Mould, c.8th century

Hexham Tans, c.early-mid 19th century

Beasley’s D2 type-specimen, c. 240,000,000 years old.

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