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'Giants Refreshed – Pacifics in the Doncaster Locomotive Works' by Terence Cuneo, 1947

The FA Cup, 1896

Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

'The Struggle With the Quarry' by John Hancock, 1851

Angel of the North Maquette, 1997

'Nature Painting' by Keith Tyson, 2008

Cotton Queen Dress, 1930

Studio Glass by Keith Cummings, 2010

'The Old Town Hall and St Hilda’s Church, Middlesbrough' by LS Lowry, 1959

Blackett Hutton Rotary Drilling Machine c.1885

'Invention of the lifeboat, Willie Wouldhave, South Shields, 1789' by Ralph Hedley, 1896

Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch c.1930s

Roman Windowhead, 163AD

'The Half-Timer' by Patti Mayor, 1906-8

Banner of Oldham Society of Women's Suffrage, c.1912

'Portrait of Edward Carpenter' by Thomas Binney Gibbs, 1911

Painted Fabrics Butterfly Costume, c.1920-1930

Horrockses Fashions dress worn by Mavis Bimson, 1948-9

'Iron and Coal' by William Bell Scott, 1861

'Memorial to Men of Steel' by Aikaterini Gegisian, 2016

'Silver Moonlight' by Atkinson Grimshaw, 1880

'The Song of the Shirt' by Albert Rutherston, 1902

Joseph Swan Plaque, 1931

Doncaster Gold Cup, 1779

'Opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway' by John Dobbin, 1871

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