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'St. Cuthbert of Farne' by Fenwick Lawson, 1984

World War II Searchlight, 1940

Myford 3" Type Lathe, 1946

Starvationer, c.1880s

Model of Bermuda Floating Dock, 1901

Samuel Crompton's Spinning Mule c.1800

Iron Age Chariot Burial c.200 BC

Grace Darling's Coble, c. 1828

The Musical Stones of Skiddaw, 1840

Nissan Bluebird, 1986

Hattersley Loom c.19th century

St. Christopher Statue c.14th century

Johnson's Motorcycle, 1901

Piano Belonging to Delius c.19th century

Architect’s Desk, Gillows of Lancaster, c.1795

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