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Northumberland Small Pipes c.1805

Price List for Work-Scissors Putting Together, 1817

Carlisle Spedding's Steel Mill, c.1800s

Pair of Cotton Cops, 1735-1885

J. D. Carr’s Waistcoat c.1840s

Anne Lister's Travel Case, c.1820s

Skelmanthorpe Flag, 1819

Shepherd's Plaid, c.1950

Astral Navigations- Holyground Records, 1971

Tour de France Pennant, 1958

The School for the Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool, Application Form, 1918

The Quintet, 1898-1911

Rhubarb Splitting Tool, 2009

Cloisonné Vase Lamp, 1880

Rothbury Shrovetide Football, c.late 19th century

Blackpool Tower Circus Poster, 1946

Salt's Pattern Book, 1853

Cross shaft fragment of the Wycliffe Cross, c.8th century

Dick, Kerr’s Ladies FC’s Victory Pennants, 1937

Rugby Ball, 1897

'Love You More' by Buzzcocks -Single Record Sleeve, 1978

Pride by David Mellor, 1958

Pilkington’s Lancastrian Tile and Pottery Company Vase by Jessie Jones, 1907

North East Coast Exhibition Plate, 1929

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal, 1800-1803

Hyde Chartist Bell, 1848

The Codex Amiatinus, 692AD

Ballot Box, 1872

Emily Brontë's Writing Desk, c.1830s-1840s

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