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'Opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway' by John Dobbin, 1871

Turbinia, 1894

Rothbury Shrovetide Football, c.late 19th century

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal, 1800-1803

'The Song of the Shirt' by Albert Rutherston, 1902

Samuel Crompton's Spinning Mule c.1800

Tour de France Pennant, 1958

'The Merz Barn Wall' by Kurt Schwitters 1947-48

'Iron and Coal' by William Bell Scott, 1861

The Musical Stones of Skiddaw, 1840

The Middleham Jewel c.15th century

Crucible Furnace c.early 1800s

Pair of Cotton Cops, 1735-1885

Starvationer, c.1880s

'Love You More' by Buzzcocks -Single Record Sleeve, 1978

Tram 114, 1901

Cloisonné Vase Lamp, 1880

'Oldham Panorama' by Squire Knott, 1876

Blackham’s Hill Hauler Engine, 1826

Grace Darling's Coble, c. 1828

John Walker’s Apothecary Scales c.early 19th century

Pride by David Mellor, 1958

Peppered Moth c.1800s

Iron Age Chariot Burial c.200 BC

Bloss, the 1st Airdale Terrier, 1887

Calf Mould, c.8th century

Piano Belonging to Delius c.19th century

The Quintet, 1898-1911

The FA Cup, 1896

Sans Pareil, 1829

Skelmanthorpe Flag, 1819

Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on Switch c.1930s

Carlisle Spedding's Steel Mill, c.1800s

Liquorice Stamp, 1860-1890

Billy- Early Locomotive, 1816

Bed Spread, ‘All You Need is Love’, 1969

Hyde Chartist Bell, 1848

The Only Viking-age Sock in England c.10th century

Hattersley Loom c.19th century

Price List for Work-Scissors Putting Together, 1817

Salt's Pattern Book, 1853

Dick, Kerr’s Ladies FC’s Victory Pennants, 1937

Shepherd's Plaid, c.1950

Horrockses Fashions dress worn by Mavis Bimson, 1948-9

Model of Bermuda Floating Dock, 1901

'The Struggle With the Quarry' by John Hancock, 1851

Studio Glass by Keith Cummings, 2010

Rugby Ball, 1897

The Codex Amiatinus, 692AD

Joseph Swan Plaque, 1931

Angel of the North Maquette, 1997

Bottle of Fluothane TM Anaesthetic, 1951

Johnson's Motorcycle, 1901

'Nature Painting' by Keith Tyson, 2008

Roman Windowhead, 163AD

'Giants Refreshed – Pacifics in the Doncaster Locomotive Works' by Terence Cuneo, 1947

Lighthouse Tower, 1871

Liverpool Overhead Railway Motor Coach No.3, 1892

Astral Navigations- Holyground Records, 1971

World War II Searchlight, 1940

'Jumping a Homemade Hurdle' by Jack Hulme, c.1945-55

Mine Cage from Hodbarrow Mines c. 19th century

Architect’s Desk, Gillows of Lancaster, c.1795

'St. Cuthbert of Farne' by Fenwick Lawson, 1984

PSS Wingfield Castle, 1934

North East Coast Exhibition Plate, 1929

J. D. Carr’s Waistcoat c.1840s

‘Peace’, Mounted crane and piece of rubble from Hiroshima, with a thousand origami Cranes, 2011

Banner of Oldham Society of Women's Suffrage, c.1912

'Silver Moonlight' by Atkinson Grimshaw, 1880

Doncaster Gold Cup, 1779

Cross shaft fragment of the Wycliffe Cross, c.8th century

Cotton Queen Dress, 1930

'Memorial to Men of Steel' by Aikaterini Gegisian, 2016

Northumberland Small Pipes c.1805

Coloured Window Glass, 675AD

Annfield Plain Co-operative Society Building, 1874

Nissan Bluebird, 1986

Bessemer Covertor, 1934

Pilkington’s Lancastrian Tile and Pottery Company Vase by Jessie Jones, 1907

'The Old Town Hall and St Hilda’s Church, Middlesbrough' by LS Lowry, 1959

Anne Lister's Travel Case, c.1820s

Painted Fabrics Butterfly Costume, c.1920-1930

Bar of Sunlight Soap, 1889

Siege Coin, 1648

Emily Brontë's Writing Desk, c.1830s-1840s

Rhubarb Splitting Tool, 2009

Blackpool Tower Circus Poster, 1946

Beasley’s D2 type-specimen, c. 240,000,000 years old.

Five Neolithic Roughout Axes, c.4500-2000 BC

Memorial Glass of the Hartley Pit Disaster c.1862

Hexham Tans, c.early-mid 19th century

Myford 3" Type Lathe, 1946

'Portrait of Edward Carpenter' by Thomas Binney Gibbs, 1911

Ballot Box, 1872

Blackett Hutton Rotary Drilling Machine c.1885

St. Christopher Statue c.14th century

The School for the Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool, Application Form, 1918

'The Half-Timer' by Patti Mayor, 1906-8

'Invention of the lifeboat, Willie Wouldhave, South Shields, 1789' by Ralph Hedley, 1896

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